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Available in four different diameters, with the smallest diameter only suitable for embedded use in concrete and larger diameters suitable for where extensive cables will be done.

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PVC Conduits Pipes.


Installation Instruction.

Joints to fittings are made with slip-on solvent-welded connections, which set up rapidly after assembly and attain full strength in about one day.

Since slip-fit sections do not need to be rotated during assembly, the special union fittings used with threaded conduit are not required.

Since PVC conduit has a higher coefficient of thermal expansion than other types, it must be mounted to allow for expansion and contraction of each run.

Care should be taken when installing PVC underground in multiple or parallel run configurations due to the mutual heating effect of densely packed cables because the conduit will deform when heated.

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20mm HG, 25mm HG, 32mm HG, 50mm HG


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